Short update

To the like 3-4 people who keep checking up on me even though I barely ever update this anymore…I think you deserve a little update. Im not entirely sure when I last posted so ill just do a short recap of the last few months. I was living with a friend and his family wall I finished up the end of my freshman year in college. And things weren’t going well, I discovered I have some Anxiety issues, like I knew I had a little bit from my dad but I guess it was a little worse than I thought…so I went and got counseling, best decision of my life.

My counselor (we will call him Dan) And I worked through many things, some were a huge struggle others just took on faith and God worked through the rest, anyway in the midst of this I moved into an apt with my cousin and everything kinda fell into place a little too perfectly.

On my fathers birthday we were having a little party for him and I got a text from my churches child pastor, keep in mind I work every Sunday I haven’t been to church in over a year I haven’t even met this man. He asked me to be a counselor for the kids…the very next day. I thought it sounded like fun so I jumped at the chance and I was right! On about the third day during worship I asked God to show me what to do next, where to go with my life. What he told wasn’t an answer Just more of a statement. he told me that I was destined for great things….something he has told me before…but this still gave me hope. So I returned home knowing that there was greatness in my future…not really knowing what to do next though.

And so one night I was chatting with a friend of mine who recently moved to Washington state and I told her how I was starting to feel trapped and that I wanted to move but I didn’t know how to do it or even where and she told me that I really need to get out and just go to any college. But just leave no matter what.

next day I started applying to colleges any college and for the first time ever I considered private school…went and visited a few and decided north central was right for me. So in a few months im moving to Minneapolis to study im excited to see whats in store for me there and hopefully being there I will have more time to update this more often

So once again ill try to keep up with this so its not just short updates of my life…maybe from time to time I ill be able to write some more thoughts and opinions….cuz im pretty sure that’s allot more fun…

Austin Dutee Brown

leaving my mark

So turning around, all the way around. giving myself a 360 view of my own life, past present future. The people ive met the places ive been why im here and where I need to go next. This town, every street every corner has a memory. for every triumph under my belt I have ten failures or mistakes. so much lost and a few to many broken hearts. So many lies so many empty promises. this town has conditioned me for the future, I can stay here and be safe or I can take that leap of faith and impact this world in ways no one can imagine. Im leaving this place and id be lying if I said I wont miss it but I cant look back. there are new people to meet new things to experience and theres a plan that’s already in motion and id be insane not to see it through to the end.

Moving forward.

Moving forward.
So in school everything is mostly mapped out for you. You go to school so you can Graduate. After that its up to you. you can go to college, maybe a tech school or you can maybe just get a job and an appt. just work allot and live. I find myself wanting to just devote all my time to working so i can make more money, but then i think…i need to move forward. Working allot i might make more money be able to go up to the cities see my friends once a week…that would be cool, but i would be staying in one place other than maybe making it to management thats about all id have to show for all my work. But If i continue my schooling and make almost no money at the end of it i would have a piece of paper saying that i did some more schooling. Which in turn helps me get a job…and just move on.

Always moving forward thats what i try to do. Well for the past few weeks i have felt very very stuck. My thoughts were things like “your going to be 30 doing the same thing you are now, only alone.” My dream is to be a novelist but to be honest i dont really see that happening. There are allot of things that make it really tough to write books. for one authors make about 1$ per book they sell…meaning you have to sell like 40,000 books a year to make a living and you also have to have someone like your story enough to invest.

Switching gears here but it all ties in i swear.
so God speaks to us. In many ways some people are better at hearing his voice than others people that pray and bask in his presence and delve into the word, they get pretty good at it. And its amazing the things you will hear the hints or even just the right thing to help you get through.

So like i said past few weeks i have been really negative not really knowing where im going with my life thinking im just ganna end up where i am now, stuck. This thought had gotten so strong that i truly believed it. My negative attitude was very pominent and my mom talked to me one night i didnt really say what was wrong but we chatted for a while about various things. She told me that When my brother was in his drug days she would pray for him every night and God would Tell her you can only see right now but i can see what its like on the other side of this and it is great. And its true My brother is way past all that has a family living in his dream house, if you looked at him 10 years before you would never think he would end up where he is now. And then she said She prays for me too and God tells her the same thing. and I thought oh ok whatever that could be anything. But then she said this “oh wait no, what God tells me about you is a little different, with Andy he said it will be better on the other side. With you he sais I have a plan.”  Mom didnt know why i had been negative, she didnt know, i didnt tell her…i haven’t told anyone. She had no idea that those words were exactly what i needed to hear. Since im so bad at hearing his voice, he told my mom so she could tell me.
I guess I still really dont know where i am going with my life…Or what is ganna happen but I know everything is leading up to something. Every experience and every encounter is preparing me…for something. Im moving forward everyday, Just not sure where to yet, but im confident now.

Sorry everyone, I am not very consistant with this, stick with me though…I think things are ganna get exciting
~Austin Roy Brown



The Tale of the Lion and the Snake.

I should pretty much just rename my blog “religious views of Austin Brown” but yet again here’s another blog about religion.

Well this one is a little different than the other ones in this category but i think it still fits in here. So I cried today for the first time in a long time and I guess here’s why. My mom and dad got a divorce when I was like 2 or 3..err around there, point is I was young so I wasn’t like devastated by it or anything in fact I guess in my mind my dad has always lived in the cities so like I said not a big deal. I would always go to my friends house who had dads there all the time and I never really thought anything of it. I always got to see my dad like over the summer and on some weekends so like I said nothing really wrong there. But when I got older mom said that I need to find someone to connect with like a male figure in my life to mentor me. so I looked I tried a few all of them I liked allot but one always kinda seemed i don’t know we just kinda clicked well at least for me it did.

So every other week we would meet up and talk about things we would pray and he would help me with whatever i needed help with spiritually or physically he could always lend a hand. Him being my mentor wasn’t the only connection I had with him either he was my good friends father so I have known him most my life. To me he was always a constant, obviously everyone has their struggles but he just seemed to be an unbreakable fortress when it came to his faith. He led prayer groups and has witnessed miracles. Great father, leader and mentor

Around the time I became a senior in high school I didn’t see him as much anymore I wouldn’t say I forgot about him we just stopped talking. One day one of his kids that I went to school with was talking to a friend about some major issues in his home I inquired and he basically just told me that his mom and dad had been fighting allot. BOOM! shock to my system I had been over to their house more times than I can count! And I don’t think I have ever really seen them fight, well never very seriously if they did it was something about food or one of them was trying to sleep. But the way he said it made it seem like it was really really bad…

Few weeks later I hear he left his home still living in the area just not with his family at home…I don’t know what happened really. All I know is that I went to their house one day to hang out with my friend (his son) and he was there to see him as well. After a while of hanging out I needed to go outside to grab something I heard Loud voices along the side of the house, there they were fighting, angry. He wasn’t the man I had looked up to for the last I don’t know how many years, well it was still him but it was like he was stained. In that moment it felt as if I could really see through physical and see what it all looked like in the spiritual. If only for a moment I didn’t see a man and a woman before me, what I saw was a pure white lion with a brown serpent coiled around the white lion’s entire body with its deceiving fangs deeply rooted in the lions right shoulder. Across from the lion I saw a lamb only half sheared with a red burn at its center, and between these two creatures was a pink carnation covered in cockle burs.

This scared me and it wasn’t just normal fear of something it was a new fear the only way I can think to describe it would be this: Imagine you’re in the ocean surrounded by sharks but you’re in a giant military destroyer ship, The sharks cant even get close. Then out of the blue randomly for no reason your in the water just you and your sponge-bob colored inner tube, at the mercy of the sharks.
If even my mentor, clad in the full armor of Jesus Christ 24/7 can be taken over by Satan well what chance do i stand?
So I ran, I am fairly certain neither of them saw me but that moment changed me allot.

Its been 3 months or so since the day that I saw the lion and the lamb. And allot has happened in my life since then. My mom told me that she is concerned that I don’t have any kind of spiritual intake since I work so much and I cant make it to church. So the only way to solve this is a mentor ship mostly because unlike a bible study or church services we don’t have to do it at a specific time, just whenever it fits into me and my mentors schedule. So I asked my mom what happened to my old mentor? (she knows his wife) she said that he is gone that I guess no one believes in him anymore or at least that’s what he thinks hes broken and just trying to be alone.
The thought of that rocked me to my core I imagined a lifeless husk of a lion sucked dry by the Brown serpent. And so I cried. I really cried. Mom also said something else…she said “No one can live the spiritual life alone, we need others to help us” looking at myself I really need some help. I need a mentor. I need him and I know im not the only one. I believe in him and id do anything if he’d be my mentor again, hes the best one for the job and whether he knows it or not hes the strongest man I know and I believe he can beat this, I believe he can kill the snake.

Thanks again for checking in everyone it means allot that so many people are interested in my writings or at least my life story. Like I keep saying ill try and keep up with these as much as possible I usually try not to just sit down and write. Usually something happens and I wanna write about it, so I guess I just hope that keeps happening!

~Austin Roy Brown

a very short version of my time as a holdover.

Its been almost a year since ive taken the ASVAB its a military test given to people who want to enter the military the higher score you have the more options for jobs you have. I mostly just took it to see how well id do I didnt have any intention on joining the military. I scored very very high, next day i got a call for the recruiter asking if he could talk to me about joining the guards. we made a date to chat and he told me about how they would pay for my college and how it would be a great idea for me and my life. and with my testing scores i could pretty much choose my job so i said yes, ill join. i spent the next few months going to drills and and learning the ropes staying in shape and all that. the day before i left i said goodbye to all my friends, i wasnt ganna see them for 6 months!

get to basic around midnight and they gave us some clothes to sleep in some books to read some other random things and made us stay up all through the night, so no sleep. next day briefing after briefing about tests and exercises people yelling at us random stuff that pretty much didnt matter in the end. on the fourth day they had a big assembly and all the new recruits joined in a room and they said that if anybody has anything they need to tell us before you leave now is your last chance! this is called the “Medical Moment of Truth” and its mostly just a last chance to tell them if you had some random disease that might hinder your training process. i sat there mostly just trying not to pass out it was my fourth day on little to no sleep and i wasnt doing very good. Captain Ross came up to me and said “Pvt Brown do you have ADD/ADHD?” i said “Yes Sir.” (having ADD/ADHD isnt really a big deal) “When was the last time you took medication for it?” i said “About two months ago Sir.” He scribbled something down on a sheet of paper next thing i knew i was a Holdover.

What is a holdover you might ask?! GREAT question! When someone joins the military and something happens during training that gets them kicked out they become a holdover until there paper work can get processed and they can leave. doesn’t sound too bad? well it is. it takes anywhere from three to nine weeks to get all your paper work done with.

So first day of being a holdover im in charlie company and i walk over to the back of the barrack to put my stuff in a locker and this kid steps in front of me and sais “where the fuck do you think your going new guy?”  the first thing i notice about the guy is he had this bandage that is like clinging for dear life on his scalp and the thing is huge and covering up something even bigger! Im at least two inches taller than him and he had to weigh like ninety pounds “picking out a locker” i said with as much sarcasm as i could muster. He said “this is where the senior holdovers sleep this is your first day you go over there we have been here for almost a week already you need to give us respect” here this kid is trying to tell me im not good enough to sleep in one area because he fucked up and got sent here five days before i did. But i didnt even think it was worth the bother i found a bunk in the corner next to two kids who were also pretty quiet. thats what i wanted, quiet. over the next two weeks i spent my time sleeping, writing texting people (i had my phone) listening to music doing random chores that my sgts didnt wanna so they made us do them. and every chance they got the “sr holdovers” tried to order us around they consisted of Borders (bandage boy), LaRuso, Bro, and The ring leader Jones. we ended up getting into a few fights mostly because i was so stubborn and unwilling to accept there self imposed authority. I ended up talking to the two quiet kids next to me McCain and Rucker. Rucker was a tall skinny black kid and McCain was a bigger kid who kinda defined the would country boy. we ended up sticking together and tried to ignore the sr holdovers as much as possible.

After two weeks in charlie company they sent us to Delta company. basically the same thing but its more military like and instead of being with like nine guys we were with like forty and no one was senior there were just the holdovers and the sgts breathing down our necks. being in Delta was allot harder we didnt get our phones or music all i had was my writing because of this me McCain and Rucker got really really close we clung to each other for support they pretty much made the whole thing possible for me. every night the sgts would list off the people that would be leaving the next day and every night our names werent called it was horrible. for two weeks we suffered in that place. until our names were finally called and we got to go home

My time there wasnt all wasted though, when i was there i realised for sure that i want to be a writer. I love it, its my passion, second i made some really good friends that i KNOW i will be visiting at some point in my life, Rucker, LaRuso and for sure McCain. And I became much closer in my faith.

I want to write about this ALLOT more in detail but that would be really really long, so im actualy working on a book about it! its my first one its slow going because im so busy and im actually putting an effort into the grammar but it is turning out really well! when im done i will more than likely do next to nothing with it im not sure who would want to put money in on it but ill always have it to myself and anyone who wants a copy i can make one up for them when im done.

since ive developed a very slight fan base i decided at the end of my posts im ganna do a little ending note because i see it done on many other blogs, so thanks for reading and check back here whenever, im work ever more than before so its ganna be hard to write but im still ganna try and keep to my one post a week minimum.

~Austin Roy Brown

from blink to bieber,

If you know me at all you probably know that I’m a huge fan of blink-182 and its not just the music its the story, and by story i mean the story of Tom DeLong (vocals and guitar) Mark Hoppus (vocals and bass) and Travis Barker (Drums) how these three met and how the band broke up and got back together all the things that led to who they are as a band today.

but I’m not writing this just as blink-182 101 or to let you know that I’m a super fan…I’m writing this because i have noticed something in the last few years,  the age of bands is kinda dying. now its more like we have artists like nikki minaj or justin bieber or even katy perry who just kinda sing and have a beat going in the background. And don’t get me wrong I like listening to Nikki minaj and occasionally ill hit up some katy perry, but you just cant beat some sick guitar or a drum solo is always pretty cool and just the style is so much different than that of a band and older bands like green day, blink-182 and linkin park are all still making music but they kinda formed before pop and stuff got popular. for a new band main streem success is very difficult to attain now days.

Talking to my friend Jon who is older than me and kinda knows allot more about music than i do hes in two bands and is a pretty smart guy! But anyway i brought up this subject about how i feel like bands are kinda dying and and he started talking about allot of things. One thing that kinda struck a cord with me was he talked about the work bands had to do vs what artists do today. A band starting out is three or four dudes in a van playing a show and hoping to sell a CD or a shirt so they can get some gas and make it to their next show so when they get there they can hopefully sell a CD or a shirt so they can make it to there next show and hopefully build a fan base and maybe some people will like their sound and a song will get on the radio. He then compared that to some kid sitting in his parents basement on a computer singing about fireflies and making it huge. And not only as a band starting off do you need to go through being broke and hungry but you also have to put up with 2-3 other dudes who are also broke and hungry and more than likely not always in the best mood. Being in a band isn’t something you did for money, you had to be in it because its what you loved, that feeling of playing a show even if only 6 people where listening. That was your life and that’s what you did, if you struck it big and got some mainstream success sweet! if not well your still having the time of your life doing what you love.

It seems like artists now just get discovered or someone with allot of money picks someone with some good looks and just decides to make them a super star. people like Justin bieber and Katy perry spring up out of nowhere and are instantly HUGE, where as bands kinda grow and grow and grow. As nice as it would be to Just spring up and be huge like that think about this, do you think justin bieber is ganna be doing concerts and huge shows 10 years from now? More than likely not, hes ganna settle down and just invest his money into a new kid and make tons. green day is still making albums those guys gatta be pushing 45 at this point and the rolling stones are practically in wheel chairs but they still have shows and when they do, they still sell out.

this is all mostly me just wishing i was born ten years earlier so i could have experienced the times when people would stand in line or cut school to go get the new green day CD or whatever now we just click “buy now” on itunes. i wish i was alive for the shows of the punk bands that are thankful for you listening. where them making as a band or not could literally depend on your choice whether or not to buy some merch.

who knows maybe bands will make a comeback you never know when it come to music i guess, like seriusly who ever would have thought dubstep would end up being a poplular.

religion round two!

OK so i haven’t written in a long time Ive been pretty busy, college, two jobs, homework, and a girlfriend will do that to ya. but I have also had allot of ideas that I have been wanting to write about but nothing that has prodded me enough to take some time out and pump another one of these out, but its a cool Thursday morning and Ive been doing my biology for 3 hours already today so I thinks its time for a break to do something I actually enjoy.

Alright so I promise this isn’t all I’m ever going to write about but Ive had some things in this category on my mind allot lately. So here’s some more on my thoughts about religion.

I wouldn’t say I’m a bad kid…nor a good one either I guess? I have my own battles with purity and other things and especially making it to church with my busy schedule it feels like forever since Ive made it to church and it makes me feel like dirt sometimes. I sin I know I do but I’m always working to do better and pray more and I think Ive been doing pretty well. But I look at my good friend who I grew up with it seems like he does nothing without consulting God on it first and he is always lending an ear to those who need it, he is so Christ like its honestly a beautiful thing. Although in confidence he tells me the things he struggles with little things like his daily readings and having impure thoughts he tells me he is doing his best but its just so hard to keep his mind on track with God sometimes. Then I have another friend who for the past 2-3 weeks has been drunk or on something every night but since I chatted with him has been sober for a week reading his bible every night, playing and writing music, and whenever he gets the urge to drink or smoke he just works out instead.

So here is where i get confused how does God see it? Does God see that me and my two friends are all doing our best to be Christ like? Or does He see that my one friend is doing great with little to no errors that I’m not even close to as good but not a bad guy, and that my other friend has done so many wrongs that he has allot to atone for?

When I look at myself and only myself I feel as if I’m doing pretty well with God I could do better but based on my life and how Ive been the last 4 years I’m doing really well. If I look at myself and my close friend I’m not doing very well because he is just so Christ like. And when I know that I’m in a pattern of sin I look at my friends who are into drugs and say to myself well I’m doing better than them so i guess its alright that I indulge in my sin for just a little while longer, but that isn’t the way it is.

At least, I don’t think so. I think that’s why Jesus came to this earth because he was SO perfect in every way shape and form he wasn’t just Christ like, he was Christ. He showed us that you cant judge yourself based on the people around you. I mean, He did other things here (performed miracles, healed people, died on the cross, etc, etc) but Jesus was so perfect you cant possibly compare yourself to him. So i cant compare myself to my friends. All i can do is compare the Austin Brown of today to the Austin Brown of yesterday, and try for a better Austin Brown of tomorrow.

Also as an added note when I started writing this I was confused on all of it but writing it kinda triggered some memories of sermons Ive heard and I’m not so confused anymore.

I will try to write more i wanna keep it to at the very least a post a week so keep checking back if you like what you have read.

master or legend?

so today in my biology class my professor asked “why is bill gates so rich? is he lucky? just in the right place at the right time?” he stared out at a bewildered class none of us really knowing what he was trying to get at. when no one answered he said “does anyone know how long it takes to become a master at something?” a larger student in the second row raised his hand and said “Ten thousand hours” “CORRECT” proclaimed my slightly over enthusiastic professor. he told us that once you hit that 10,000 mark you are considered a master at what ever it is you did. “you see class bill gates every night when he was young would go out and program until right before he had to go to school, every night for hours and hours and hours by the time he was in highschool his teachers would just let him go do that instead. bill gates was the first ever master programer”

he then asked us “who here was ever in a garage band?” no one raised their hands he said “really no one?” he told us that being in music is very hard because most people dont have their 10,000 hours in by the time they try and make it big. “the beetles were a very successful band would you like to know why?” he explained that when the beetles first started out they played in a strip club 8 hours a night for 1200 nights at a strip club people dont come for the music so they were basically free to practice and experiment and become masters at playing music, so by the time they attempted making it big they already had there 10,000 hours in so they were a hit! basketball players, the pros all have there 10,00 hours in its not luck or being tall or natural ability its hard work and determination.

that last part kinda stumped me he said “natural ability has nothing to do with it” i instantly thought about the movie august rush its about a kid who teaches himself how to play the guitar in like 3 hours and he ends up showing up his dad the next day and his dad had been playing the guitar since he was a little boy. now im fairly certain that isnt a true story but it really was the first thing to pop into my head but then i thought, well if anyone can just play guitar for 10,000 hours or even play ping pong for 10,000 hours why doesn’t everyone do it? and then why is it that i have snowboarded for at least 40 hours but my friend who has been done it less than 4 is already way better than me. and then what about those people who are so obviously better than everyone else? i honestly dont know anything about basketball but i do know that micheal jordan is hands down the best basket ball player that there ever was. but he has spent just as many and in some cases less hours of his life playing basket ball than some other players. travis barker is the undisputed best drummer that there ever was, and i know that he hasnt spend as much time as some others playing drums.

so what made micheal jordan the best basket ball player ever? how did he go from master to legend? how does one bridge that gap. how is it possible that travis barker out plays every other dummer out there? even the ones who have put more hours into it? i guess i dont really know. but i dont agree with my professor i think that masters put in their 10,000 hours but the ones who i call legends the ones who are the “greatest that there ever was” i believe that there is a little something extra there, call it luck call it natural born gifts…whatever it is i know that no matter how hard you try no matter how many hours you put in you cant just work and become the best…you have to be born with it.

anyone can become a master, only the select few can become legends.

faith? religion? uhhh…? help me out!!!

so as you might have noticed the title of my blog is “a young mans journey” coined by none other than the steadfast Pastor Bruse! So i thought that id post about my run in with the military or maybe just my thoughts about my current state of being…but i have been having a bad case of writers block, but something that has been popping into my head allot lately that i was planning on writing about eventually anyway was my faith, to be honest i don’t really know where i stand at the moment but writing always helps me discover things about myself so maybe this will help.

age 3 E-free church of willmar: standing next to Mrs Gorris, my Sunday school teacher i officially gave my life to Christ i was told thats the only way into heaven and as far as i knew i loved God well who else was there to love? seemed easy enough mommy said to love God cuz she loved God and so did everyone else.

age 5 at home: now i don’t really remember this time but my mom told me about it. apparently i told her that i wasnt sure if i was ganna make it into heaven so i asked her to help me and together yet again i asked Jesus into my heart…good im covered…into heaven.

age 9 kids camp: praying with mike kerstetter so we can be baptised in the holy spirit and receive the gift of tongues at this point i still thought that just about everyone loved God. these kids pastors basically just kinda played with puppets and talked about love and Jesus and basically all the happiness in the world…i was happy because thats what i was being told life would be with Jesus…happy. but one pastor said something…he must of thought he was teaching some older kids because he was honestly the only one to say anything negative…he said the God said that he will cut down the trees that bear no fruit and he explained that even if your a Christians if you dont “bear any fruit” you still wont get into heaven….what?! No how can that be true?  i asked Jesus into my heart when i was young im set right?

age 14 teen camp: sitting listening to the youth pastor speak of things like reaching out to our non christian friends and saying things like most teens denounce their faith when they graduate saying life is hard for Christians…this is going against everything i have ever learned…whats going on! was my mom lying or maybe just sugar coating everything…faith is harder at this point but all my closest freinds are church kids too so im fine.

age 17 home: new freinds, havent thought about jesus or God or anything in a long time i try to set an example but it kinda sorta doesnt work. i start doing some bad things. faith is more of something that ill get back to later in life right now isnt really conveinient for being a christian…later though…later in life. and besides no one really still does it at this age and honestly the kids that are really into that are jerks they judge you and talk behind your back about all the bad things…accept for sam murphy…he never judges me, ever.

age 18 Fort jackson: im getting kicked out of the military im with 2 other kids who are aswell and and i literally have no where to turn so i go back to my inocence and a child again. my two freinds want a relation ship with christ and even though i fell away i know what i know. i know that God is forgiving and lets you into his good graces anytime so i call my mom and she tells me how to lead someone in a prayer that will let them into heaven…what a weird feeling…now im Mrs Gorris…anyway i make all these promises to myself and God about how life is ganna turn around im ganna go home and live on faith and God he is ganna guide my way through college.

age 18 Home: a few weeks after getting home i fall back into the same habits barely thinking about Christ again not caring about other people or my faith just my own things i have going on faith was to hard to keep up why should i have to put so much work into that. and i wanna do the things my friends wanna do Christians dont do those things so i cant be a christian right?

age 18 sitting at home writing in my blog: its so strange to think about the way i thought about faith when i was a little kid and how it has gone from doing what mommy told me to do and now its so hard there are so many things that make being a christian so unappealing but i have noticed a pattern…when i got home and i had things right with Christ life was good i got everything figured out for college i was having fun i generally had money working for my brother things just worked out…but as i fell away well im broke im have writers block…but my best freind left for college and he is the kinda person that it doesnt seem like he has ever strayed from Gods path. told me that he wants me to start reading my bible more that God will reveal things to me…so i have been and i cant say life has improved but i really have been happier.

Me, as of now

My name is Austin Brown and first of all lets not count this as an official “blog post” this is more or less just an introduction, of me and my blog and what its all about. So again my name is Austin Brown middle name Roy. im 18 just graduated highschool i currently am working at green mill and i am attending college. my dream is to one day write fiction books…and have them sell…i guess anyone can write a book, not everyone can write one and hope to live off of it. so i guess my blog here will be my writings some short stories. but i think i will mostly just try and post about my lifes journey and the way im going with things. who knows maybe ill be famous one day and you can all say you have followed me since day one. and dont worry it wont be a diary. just relevent events and thoughts of mine. ill try and keep it interesting and hopefully ill be able to post some of my short stories every once in awile.

as i stated before im going to college i havent completed college so all of my posts are going to be raw un edited writings ill make sure to go through so you can understand what im saying but if i make some grammar errors…get over it or dont read it.